Siberian Husky Makeup Tutorial- Ilana Makeup Artist

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Siberian husky makeup tutorial starts out so simply. Just some light outlining then, the brown fur comes into play. And next comes the white fur. Then she uses little spoolie brush to get that furry texture with makeup. Things start to get especially errie around the yes. The nose feels pretty Standard. Siberian husky make-up tutorial finishes with the artist adding paint to her neck so as to complete the entire head of the Siberian husky.

siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-01 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-02 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-03 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-04 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-05 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-06 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-07 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-08 siberian-husky-makeup-tutorial-09

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