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Lazy dog has this Tug-O-War game all figured out

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OMG!!! Adler looks so much like my dog, hahaha. So cute!!! I named my dog “Lov u” 🙂 Watch Full Video:

Animal Expert Dave Salmoni- Spider Monkey And Coyote Pup

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Dave Salmoni introduces Conan to a shy spider monkey and an affectionate coyote pup. Watch Full Video:

How to be a kiwi dad

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Internet’s new favorite dad is back to give us some parental advice! Watch the full video:

Siberian Husky Makeup Tutorial- Ilana Makeup Artist

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Siberian husky makeup tutorial starts out so simply. Just some light outlining then, the brown fur comes into play. And next comes the white fur. Then she uses little spoolie brush to get that furry texture with makeup. Things start to get especially errie around the yes. The nose

Girl born without right hand gets a new hand

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Destiney Akers is born without right hand but she learned how to overcome her disability:  She still wishes she can be like other kids.  After hearing of the little girl’s situation, a man called Jeff Powell decided to build her a bionic hand.    Destiney can now feel normal