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The shocking transformation of a rescued bear

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Only 5 months after being rescued, Fifi the bear is now totally healthy! Watch Video:

These cats won’t let this priest alone

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They’ll follow him until the end of the road. Watch Full Video!

And, You Know, as Mad as That Made Me as a Little Kid

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and, you know, as mad as that made me as a little kid, in retrospect that is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. via: Tumblr

Girl born without right hand gets a new hand

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Destiney Akers is born without right hand but she learned how to overcome her disability:  She still wishes she can be like other kids.  After hearing of the little girl’s situation, a man called Jeff Powell decided to build her a bionic hand.    Destiney can now feel normal

Star Wars Plot Summary

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Star Wars Plot Summary